Tom Stoker  Hayley Louise Clark  Caleb Hughes

Produced By

Jacob Kipping

Written By

Jacob Kipping

Directed By

Jacob Kipping

© 2015 The Open Door Short Film Showcase. All Rights Reserved.

Will You Be Mime?


A mime tries to find his voice in the name of love. Everyday, Mime goes to his boring office job, but by night he puts on some face paint, a costume and becomes a mime, performing along London's Southbank for the public. Along the way he meets a fellow girl performer, who is dresses as a clown. They form a special friendship. However, Mime is actually a mime himself, and never talks. He even texts emoji's and funny faces; never words. Clown always tries to get him to talk, but Mime never budges. In a strange way, they don't really know each other at all, but we can get that there is something there. Something special.


Such a sweet endearing silent tale of love! This was superbly performed by the cast and well paced. The music really set the tone and played so well with the unfolding romance. A really pleasant surprise.