Liam Nooney  Dimitra Barla  Karina Knapinska  Tom Sykes

Produced By

Paul Herbert

Written By

Paul Herbert

Directed By

Paul Herbert

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The Flight Of Iro And Casper


The Flight of Iro and Casper depicts the unpredictable fate of hero, Casper, who has found his perfect soul mate, Iro. However, she lives in an unreachable place: on the other side of a large mirror in a warehouse, and there is more to Iro than meets the eye. The only hope to reach this mysterious Iro lies on the boundaries of modern science. Can one man’s love join what the universe as we know it has belied? Inspired by Greek myths and lowbrow sci-fi, The Flight of Iro and Casper depicts the obsessive efforts a man can make to pursue love beyond the realm of the ordinary, as well as the unexpected price of his insatiable infatuation.


This is an ambitious short film, full of ideas about love and sacrifice. Played well by the entire cast (especially Nooney, who plays the ‘doomed to live a life he didn't choose’ protagonist really well) with nice visuals and pacing.