Coty Galloway  Greg Baldwin  Lauryn Morse

Produced By

Coty Galloway  Spirit Ariela Olivier

Written By

Coty Galloway

Directed By

Coty Galloway

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Ten Years


Rich is all about the time coming up. Joe's all about the time spent. And Susie, well she has all the time in the world.

Crime is nothing new to the characters in this drama. Does Joe know more than he should? Everyone one is walking on egg shells because they think he knows, but are still unsure. Someone is not happy and trouble is coming.... maybe death.


The striking black and white cinematography easily evokes film noir's of the ‘40's. With strong performances and a good balance of pace. It left us wanting more, was this the begging of their story or the end? We look forward to seeing what this filmmaker does in the future.