Jonathan Église  Roger Twycross  Elvis Beya  Dixita Pandya  Kat Amiri  Susana Millán

Produced By

Edward Harber

Written By

Edward Harber  Edmund Aves 

Directed By

Edward Harber  Edmund Aves

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Shit Teeth


When the cool kids force Marcus to eat a shit for their own amusement, what they thought was going to be a good laugh could just turn out to be their last. Four Years later, at an annual summer break, the cool kids quickly find out that revenge is a poo best served cold!


Fun, gory homage to 80's slashers. In the style of Evil Dead, Halloween etc. It has a great score, and the acting was suitable (with some genuine laugh-out-loud moments). But most importantly, the bad guy was is his method of revenge. No doubt there will be many sequels (of regressive quality!) to follow.