Nicholas Calhoun  Billy McFadden  Anna Lakomy  Jim Vacca  Lena Diene  Scott Brady

Produced By

Gnanashekaran Natarajan

Written By

Gnanashekaran Natarajan  G.R.Wilson  

Directed By

Gnanashekaran Natarajan

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Missing Love


Adam and Olivia are happily married until a fateful day When Adam realizes his wife Olivia is missing. The story trails Adam's effort to find Olivia along with detective Pearson and Daniel. Everything comes to an End when their son Gregory reveals the unexpected truth to shock Adam.


This is a pretty strong thriller. Starts out as a tender exchanges between father and son, as they come to terms with the disappearance of their mother/wife. Things slowly turn darker in tone as the son becomes aware of things going on that others can't see. A tense thriller that builds on suspense and your mind starts to imagine what it could all be about. Great performances and the suburban setting is filmed well.