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It’s Over


Two couples, old university friends, meet for a birthday dinner in an upmarket restaurant. The birthday girl Anna is an obnoxious loudmouth who spends the meal criticising the food, her husband, her old uni friends and the wine she quaffs at an alarming rate. Her friends Chris and Olivia do everything to placate her while her husband Alex tries his best to enjoy the meal. After she pushes him too far Alex breaks he starts stuffing his face with meat - he gets food all over him, his clothes, his face - and Anna loses it.


This is a very funny, well-observed look a relationship unravel at a dinner table. With brilliant performances from all four leads.



Hayley-Marie Axe, Lesley Ann Acheson, Gary Beardsmore, Joseph Simpson-Bushell

Produced By

Kevin Rainey, Charles Normaskul

Written By

Salena Katiyar

Directed By

Salena Katiyar

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