John Hoiland

Edited By

Adam Miklos

Written By

Andrew Gerard, Jesse Hutch, Don McLeod

Directed By

Cynthia Matty-Huber

© 2015 The Open Door Short Film Showcase. All Rights Reserved.

I Am Still Here


On a cold winter morning John Hoiland places flowers on his parents’ graves, small headstones tucked between tall grass and sage. John plans to be buried here, along side his parents, their home. In the distance, a line of cattle trudges across the rock-ribbed Montana land. John is home, where home has always been, where a way of life found a place to live. At ninety-years-old, without children to inherit the ranch, he is forced to ask himself the question: What will become of the land and his legacy.


This is a very poignant look into the life of John Hoiland, a ninety-year-old cattle farmer and his friends. A slice of life presented by beautiful cinematography (that presents the landscape as much a character as our leading man), great use of music and sound design. A sweet story that shows the effects time has on us, our belongings and the landscape around us. And the power of friendship.