Katie Richmond John McGettrick

Produced By

Daniel Harlos

Written By

Becky Matthews 

Directed By

Becky Matthews

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Double Word Score


Double Word Score is a romantic comedy drama about the ludicrous games people play in the pursuit of love. HOLLY is a coyly romantic academic, who is intelligent but habitually guarded. JACK is the perennial nice guy, afraid of looking foolish. The bitter-sweet thrill of the romantic chase plays out over the course of an evening. Scrabble is played, drinks flow, looks are missed and quips are misunderstood. With two people playing, can both win?


This is such a sweet story about an incredibly awkward date. Played out by two incredibly likeable lead actors, a film like this lives or dies by it's casting, and they are wonderful. They create genuine chemistry, especially in the quieter moments when words aren't spoken (in a film all about words) they aren't able to use them to communicate with each other.