Claudia Trujillo  Marc Rius  Carles Cruces  Roser Bundo  Raul Gallardo  Jose Luis Miranda  Judith Teruel  Alicia Gonzalez  Josep Ramon Rigo  Marina Duran  Mai Boncompte  Emilio Moya  Dani Moreno  Alex Galimany  Blas Caballero  Cristina Perez

Produced By

Xavi Saborit

Written By

Lidia Milette Artigas  Ramon Lazaro 

Directed By

Pol Diggler

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Director’s Cut


An indie filmmaking crew shoots the first snuff movie with a plot.


We loved this dark comedy. Terrific performances from the entire cast, who all play the right level or naturalistic humour. The greenscreen guy steals the show, as does the poor helpless star of the snuff film. There are plenty of funny moments throughout and it's all shot in a believably fly on the wall style. Great fun.