Anna Megan Becker Jennifer Cody Grizz Chapman Katie McClellan Lindsay Ryan Ray DeMattis  Monica Espaillat  Alex Kaplan

Produced By

Anna Megan Becker  Eric Mann

Written By

Anna Megan Becker

Directed By

Eric Mann

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Alistair’s Wednesday


A twenty-something hypochondriac fears she may be suffering from mental illness when the rash spreading on her back can be seen by no one.


We really enjoyed this well made, heartfelt story. About a women coming undone, as her hypochondriac tendencies slowly begin to take over her mind.  The central performance by Anna Megan Becker is subtle and well observed, elevating this story about one persons struggles to something relatable (and more importantly, genuine) to people from all walks of life. Directed with confidence byEric Mann.