David Callahan  Ughetta D'Onorascenzo  Claudia Balboni  Roberto Stocchi  Gerolamo Alchieri 

Written By

Francesca Draghetti 

Directed By

Francesca Draghetti  Daniele Coluccini  Matteo Botrugno

© 2015 The Open Door Short Film Showcase. All Rights Reserved.



Rhyming ghost story.


We love how this opens like a horror movie from the 1980's, we see from the point of view of the stalking character as he approaches a group of unwitting victims? A group of actors rehearsing a play…and one particular actress needs some motivation to scream! Our antagonist is happy to oblige. What starts of as an interestingly shot suspenseful thriller actually turns itself into a rather sweet tale with a twist. Strong camera work, lighting and performances elevate this short film to a professional standard.